The T.C.T. Network's sole reason for existence is to help, teach, instruct, uplift, motivate & inspire young men to be the best they can possibly be! 

All information and instruction provided through our "LIFE-SKILLS" Workshop,


All guidance and advice given through our Youth Mentor program,

are specifically structured to cover all aspects of a young man's development in areas such as physical fitness, proper nutrition, mental control and empowerment, emotional awareness & intelligence, time-management, personal & professional goal setting, stress-management techniques, and more...


Our overall OBJECTIVES as an Organization are...

- To ensure that every young man becomes proficient in the life skills taught in the program and applies them in their daily life.


- To develop every young man who participates in the program into a responsible, reliable, and professional adult.

- To instill the understanding and practice of individual self-responsibility, self-discipline, self-awareness, and selfless service.

- To create an awareness among young men that every decision they make has a direct impact on their life today and tomorrow.

- To educate young men about the importance of proper nutrition and its role in avoiding unnecessary disease and illness now and in the future.

- To equip young men with mind-body medicine techniques that help them handle difficult situations, maintain mental and emotional stability, and manage stress in real-time situations.

- To teach the young men how to set up and perform their own fitness routine, wherever they are.

- To help young men become more self-responsible, successful in school/work, and upright as young men.

These objectives are aimed at producing positive and capable young men who can take responsibility for their lives and make valuable contributions to their communities.

A brief description of our name...

-The T.C.T. Network-

The acronym "T.C.T." stands for...


This is what we do through our "Knowledge of Self" (Life-Skillz) Program, we provide young men with the valuable life skills needed in order to become successful & prosperous in their personal and professional life.

Knowledge is powerful, but knowledge of SELF is the ultimate power!

The word "NETWORK" stands for...

The "Network" of professionals and experts we provide to our youth, from varying walks of life, who are willing to provide their mentorship, guidance, and support to each young man that joins our Program.

These 'Youth Mentors' volunteer their time and energy in order to help transform each one of these young men into a leader, and agent of positive change, within himself, his family, and his community.